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Frequently asked questions

  • Why to use Viz-i in magazines or newspapers?

    You will open other possibilities for your readers and increase interest in your periodical; you can also offer another form and extent of advertisement to your advertisers.

  • How does the whole thing work?

    Easy. 1. You download the free App to your smart phone or tablet from the App store or Google play. 2. Point the camera on your phone at the printed picture with the Viz-i icon, the interactive content activates immediately.

  • Which content may have our own, branded Viz-i?

    Up to 20 minutes video and combination of audio or photographs. The content can be updated as needed.

  • What can Viz-i animate /enliven, liven-up?

    Any printed material. Both colour and black and white photographs contained in a catalogue, leaflet, or advertisement. Magazines, newspapers, books, annual reports, instructions for use, printed publications, covers, business cards, stickers, large-format adverts, and others...

  • What does interactive content looks like?

    It is up to you. Video, audio, or slide show – promotional spot, extract from a film, song, instruction video, record of company event, selection of photographs, instruction for use or assembling products, speakers, and others. Simply, any content for both practical use and entertainment.

  • What equipment do I need to use Viz-i?

    Any „smart“ phone or tablet with photo camera (back camera) Platform Android 2.3.1 and higher or Apple iOS v6 and higher. Hardware requirements: min 512 MB RAM (recommended 1GB), ideally dual core processor (lower speed even on single core processor), OpenGL ES 2.0 and later generation products.

  • Do I have to be connected on the internet?

    For downloading the application (Android and iOS) and the first activation (only Android), the internet connection is necessary. For further regular use of the application, you don’t need the internet connection.

  • How does a user recognize that printed material contains Viz-i?

    Easily. Besides instruction for download and use of application, every picture hiding further content, contains a small Viz-i icon.

  • May a brand have its own Viz-i?

    Yes. A client (brand, magazine, editor) may have its own copy of Viz-i. With own content, name, logo, and graphics in own colours. Or you can easily integrate your content into our Viz-i. For detail and price offer, please contact us.

  • What does it cost?

    Download and everyday using is free for final customers (readers, consumers). For price offer of integrating your content or creating own Viz-i , please contact us.

  • What can Viz-i do for me?

    A new and effective marketing tool. Space for further information, which may not be provided by printed media. Thanks to inserted advertising spots, a classic printed advertisement gains new dimensions; you will use two forms of promotion in one medium. If you issue catalogues with services or products, thanks to Viz-i you can show more than only pictures and texts. With Viz-i application, a printed instruction for use or assembling a product may contain for example instruction video or examples of usage.


Innovate has developed and offers the application. Pictures in any printed media can be brought a life. Without waiting and searching, it takes readers straight into advertising, activates extracts from film, shows how to use a coffee machine, or offers instruction to assembling. This all can happen immediately after pointing a smart phone or tablet at the advertisement or other picture with icon of the application. Readers can enjoy unexpected interactive content, without waiting or searching on the internet.

Viz-i animates printed pages of your publications, advertisings, catalogues, newspapers, and magazines. Breathing new life into your printed publications.

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Find out more about Viz-i

  • Viz-i for Bosch. An application launched under the name Bosch Interactive on the occasion of Bosch celebrating 25 years in the Czech Republic. With it you can follow key visuals to browse video content from the individual divisions. The application aroused interest at the internal conference in Germany and exceeded 1,000 installations in its first two weeks.

    See for yourself how easily Viz-i works for BOSCH.
    1. Download the Bosch Interactive application from Google play or Apple store to your phone.
    2. Print the picture on the right side (or just display it on your PC screen)
    3. Launch application and point the image
    4. Enjoy interactive content you’ve never dreamed of

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